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Zingatarfree (Formally PU Tarfree MIO) is a very under-stated single-component polyurethane.

Zingatarfree has been used with great success directly over Zinga on narrow-boat hulls, tug-boats, on the base of electricity pylons-legs (to keep out both local ground-water and also stray-currents from nearby electrified railway tracks) and also on brand-new truck chassis. It has extremely high resistance to salts (especially chlorides) and water penetration.

Zingatarfree is available in 1 Litre and 4 Litre tins and cures to a matt black finish.

Additional Information

Tar Free Mio can be applied over Zinga or AquaZinga as a finishing coat on steel hulls and other structures in offshore and inland marine environments.

Unlike traditional tars and bitumen, Tar Free Mio does not leach any poisons (phenols) into the water and does not become brittle.

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