Phosphated steel is very convenient to use where the metal-section is too thin for blast-cleaning, or where complex shapes, edge-returns, welds or joints make it impractical.

The minimum weight of phosphate for Zinga applications (dipped or sprayed) is 1200g/m2 and the new Schlumberger system can deposit 1200g/m2 for the application of sub-sea coatings.

Zinga will only work on top of zinc phosphate, and never on iron phosphate (Zinga was first used over a phosphate coating in 1996).

EMC test-plate

This shows a Zinga application on a phosphated steel panel as seen at 30 x magnifications. The cross-cut test was performed as per ASTM 3359.

Zinga + Zinc Phosphate

Shows that the finish can be as smooth as glass.

What Is Zinga?

Zinga was originally invented in Ghent University, Belgium, in the 1970's and has since been used in a wide variety of projects throughout the world...

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Cathodic protection, or active protection, arises from the zinc (the anode) sacrificing itself in favour of the base metal (the cathode) with the resulting flow of electrons preventing corrosion's...

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