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Zinga has been tested to ISO12944:2018 and supersedes the 2007 standard.

ISO 12944 is one of the most important international standards for the protection of steel against corrosion by paints systems.

ISO 12944-1 Durability

Part 1 defines the overall scope and gives some basic terms and definitions, including the durability's:

Durability Previous New
Low Durability (L) 2 to 5 years up to 7 years
Medium Durability (M) 5 to 15 years 7 to 15 years
High Durability (H) more than 15 years 15 to 25 years
Very High Durability (VH) - more than 25 years

12944-2 Classifications of Enviroments

Part 2 deals with the classification of the principal environments to which steel structures are exposed Those environments are based on the mass (or thickness) loss by standard specimens and describes typical natural environments for atmospheric conditions:

Corrosion category - atmosperic
C1 - Very Low No Changes
C2 - Low No Changes
C3 - Medium No Changes
C4 - High No Changes
C5-I Very high (industrial)
C5-M Very high (marine)
C5-I and C5-M are joined. C5 stands for offshore areas with high salinity and aggressive industrial areas
CX This new category CX extreme is used for off shore constructions

A new category for water and soil immersion:

Category Environment Example/Explanation
Im1 Fresh water River installations
Im2 Sea or brakish water Immersed structures without cathodic protection
Im3 Soil Buried tanks, buried piles
Im4 Sea or brakish water Immersed structures with cathodic protection

Certifications of Zinga only systems

Layer thickness Category Durability Neutral salt spray (h) Cyclic ageing test (h)
ZINGA® 80 - 100 µm C4
720 -
ZINGA® 120 µm C5 Very High - 2688
ZINGA® 120 µm CX High - 4200
ZINGALU 110 µm C4
Very High
1440 -
Layer thickness Category Durability Seawater immersion test (h)
ZINGA® 120 µm Im4 High 4200

Certifications of Zinga plus top coats

System Category Durability Neutral salt spray (h) Water immersion
Zinga 60µm + Zingalufer 80µm C5 High 1440 -
Zinga 60µm + Zingaceram HS 120µm C5 High 1440 -
Zinga 60µm + Zingalufer 80µm + Zingaceram PU 60µm C5 High 1440 -
Zinga 60µm + Zingaceram HS 120µm + Zingaceram PU 60µm C5 High 1440 -
Zinga 60µm + Zingatarfree 2 x 100µm Im2/3 High 1440 3000

What Is Zinga?

Zinga was originally invented in Ghent University, Belgium, in the 1970's and has since been used in a wide variety of projects throughout the world...

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Cathodic protection, or active protection, arises from the zinc (the anode) sacrificing itself in favour of the base metal (the cathode) with the resulting flow of electrons preventing corrosion's...

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