Zinga can be used in dip-tanks for fast application onto blast-cleaned or phosphated steelwork. Where the steelwork is to be phosphated, it must have a minimum weight of 1200 - 1500g/m2. The viscosity of the liquid zinc in the tank will determine the final dried film-build of the zinc layer.

Items can only be dipped once, and never double-dipped, as this causes slight waves on the zinc surface.The zinc can be force-dried in either low-bake ovens @ 40degrees C or in a standard powder-coat oven @ 180 - 200 degrees C. Short-wave infra-red ovens dry the zinc-film in 2 minutes.

After dipping in the zinc tank, articles can be sent straight through the oven without waiting for a flash-off period. Once the dried Zinga-coated items leave the oven and cool down to below 50 degrees C they can be coated with powder or wet paints.